Friday, 23 September 2011

Remembering Kris St. Louis

Kris St. Louis was a local energetic, talented singer, songwriter and guitarist . In 1995, she released her first and only CD, Boss of Love. The disc featured amazing work from her as well as James Anthony and Carlos Del Junco.

In 1997, Kris also came out with the excellent cassette, 7 Days - Songs of Faith.

Unfortunately, she passed away in the late 1990's, leaving behind a short but wonderful legacy.

Bonus videos of a 1997 Backyard BBQ, courtesy of 57Headstock

Click here for a site dedicated to Kris

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Cool You Tube Videos (Sarah Harmer, Fraser/Daley, Rosei Flores/Lori Yates)

Above video courtesy of Quadrillium

Above video courtesy of neek49

Above video courtesy of tambourini

Above videos courtesy of Quadrillium

Links: Sarah Harmer, Fraser/Daley, Rosie Flores, Lori Yates

Monday, 19 September 2011

Dinner Belles CD Debut: West Simcoe County

Call it infectious country, folk rock, roots rock, or whatever you like; the Dinner Belles' debut CD, West Simcoe County, will defintely get you in a good mood.

The hooks are catchy, the harmonies are wonderful and there's a whole mess o' sounds for variety. Mandolin, banjo, piano, slide guitar, ukelele, harmonica and more add to the richness of the music.

The band is a supergroup of sorts, boasting such local vets as Terra Lightfoot (Secret Heights), Brad Germain (Marble Index), Greg Brisco (keyboards for several local players) and more.

Together they have created some incredible toe tapping, finger snapping numbers and a few beautiful, soft, slow ones as well.

The disc is available at their live shows, as a download on Bandcamp.

Below are a few live performances from the latest Supercrawl. They feature songs from the CD. Videos courtesy of Mama Loves Music.

More Supercrawl Videos
Click here for the Dinner Belles site.


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